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    I am from a sub-rural volunteer fire company in Northeast Pennsylvania. We are going in depth with accountability more. We had a very lacked program beforehand. Which program do you use? Passport? Tag?

    Can you give me more information for the passport?

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    We just switched from a single tag system to the IMS Alliance Passport System. Our dept has a roster of 30 and in the area of the officer seat of each rig we have the unit passport along with a tag for each individual. The officer is responsible for putting the crew tags on the passport while responding. The operator gets his name flipped upside down on the passport, so that IC / Accountability can identify him. The Passport then gets turned into IC/Accountability once the crew is assigned a job and placed on the Velcro IC Board under the assigned category. This system is much nicer than the single clip tags. The names of the crew are displayed for easy recognition versus flipping thru tags. The only issue we have with this setup is we added another job for the officer, but to me this is minor setback for a very important task.

    If interested in a passport system there are a few different companies to choose from.
    IMS Alliance
    Passport Accountability
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    I'm from northeast PA myself, depending on what county you are dispatched out of you, they might offer county tags. Wyoming County has them, you'll have your department name, your name, rank, radio identifier number, and what state training you have. Each tag is color coded too. Pictures are on the back of the cards with areas for EMA to scan on large scale incidents. I know Lackwanna County and I believe Susquehanna County also offer similar tags. If you want to see a picture of them just let me know.
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    Our county provides picture ID tags that contain levels of certification/training and some other data (like contact person, significant medical history). We get two.

    In theory, one stays with the apparatus (and eventually goes to the accountability officer), while the other goes to the person controlling access to the "hot zone."

    By rights, nobody should be on the fireground with both tags hanging from the back of their helmet. In reality, it happens all the time, especially at minor incidents.

    If we get a major incident things usually come together. Otherwise, we suck at accountability. We just don't use it enough.

    I know, you should use it at every call (just like IC), but a cellar pumping detail just doesn't make it seem like it's necessary...
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    Here's a link to our policy on our website...

    It's a very long, very detailed description of our operation.

    In a nutshell....we get 2 tags. 1 goes on the truck we ride, 1 goes on the board with our assignment. When your assignment is changed, you change your tag location on the board.
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    We have been using metal "Cow Tags" for more than 20 years. We recently purchased new Scott B/A with the pack-tracker feature. We have always used a 3 tag system, where the Truck/Engine officer collects the first one from all firefighters responding on the rig. Under the "New" system this first tag will be clipped to the pack ID tag and then if there is a problem the Pack-tracker ID can be used to check the FF's identity. The second "Cow Tag" gets handed to the accountability officer and attached to the assignment board. The third tag is permanently attached to the FF's TOG. We also use picture ID tags on uniform / jump suit for public identification. (EMS, Hosp., Investigations, etc.)

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    I have created a Personnel Accountability system that is uses an iPhone. As the first person arrives on scene they can start the accountability process with out delay. Check out my Facebook page. The app is schedule to launch in two weeks, and the website will be up soon with more information.

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    iPAR_Tech, it isn't a good idea to do stuff like digging up older threads to post a reply to pimp a product. That's considered poor ettiquete.

    If you want to post about a new product, the generally accepted practice* pick the appropriate subforum and make 1 thread about it and pay attention to said thread so you can reply to inquiries, suggestions, etc.

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