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    Default New Rescue technology at FDIC

    Here's the lastest technological advances in Rescue apparatus. Enjoy.

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    Holy crap!

    An AMC Gremlin with what looks like a good old work horse Hurst Model 32 Spreader in the hatchback area.

    I used to work for an AMC dealer and let me tell you the Gremlin with the V-8 engine in it was crazy. You could smoke the tires FOREVER because you had no weight on the rear tires.

    As for the Hurst Moel 32 Spreader it was damn heavy, 70 pounds I think. But she was a beast and I absolutely loved tearing cars apart with it. The spread seemed to go on for ever with those long Titanium arms. Usually hooked up to that loud, smoking 2 cycle gas engine Hurst pump.
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    You turn that T/S(Twinsonic) ON,that Gremlin's gonna ROTATE,hehe

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