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    Default Emergency Management degree

    Hey everyone,

    I am looking into getting a emergency management bachelor degree online and I found a ton of college that offer this degree. I was wondering if anybody would recommend one. I have a AAS degree now.

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    I'm currently working with Colorado State University. $319 or so per credit hour. I also have an Associates degree to start with. Reasons I picked CSU:
    1. Cost is realistic
    2. 100% on line, no classroom or showing up on campus requirement.
    3. Regionally accredited
    4. I wanted a degree from a real brick and mortar school. The diploma is identical to what they hand out to on campus students. Unlike the reputation Univ. of Phoenix has as an all on line school
    5. The degree is Fire and Emergency Services Administration. A little broader than just a fire degree but not a vague "business" degree.

    Hope this helps.

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    All Hazards Training Center at University of Findlay has a lot of programs aimed at working professionals. Some of the degrees have a lot of on-line classes. They have a particular emphasis on Emergency Management and Disaster Preparedness - but not sure it's a dgree program per se. Here's a link:
    Emergency Management and Disaster Response Training from The All Hazards Training Center

    For the University's general Safety, security, Environmental and Emergency Management programs visit this link:
    Custom Training in Environmental Health and Safety, Security and Emergency Response by The University of Findlay

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    University of Kansas (KU), highly recommended, but not sure if they have an online program

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    I have a BS from Jacksonville State University in Alabama in Emergency Management, minoring in Homeland Security. I went strait out of highschool, and while Jacksonville State is an actual school here in AL; this particular degree program is completely online.

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    I am an academic advisor for Utah Valley University's Emergency Services Department. We have a 100% online Emergency Services Management degree that I think you might like. The school charges $217 per credit hour so it is pretty cheap. UVU is an accredited university and your degree will speficiallly be in Emergency Services Administration with a concentration in Emergency Management.

    If you have questions don't hesistate to ask. www.uvu.edu/esa is our web site but I also run an advising blog for the department with lots of good information. uvuems.blogspot.com

    Good luck in your search!

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