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    Default ISG NiMH Batteries

    We purchased 8 ISG Elite XR TICs in January, 2010. We began having batteries last less than 10 minutes in November, 2010. In May of 2011 ISG replaced our entire cache of batteries. In October, 2011 we began having batteries last less than 10 minutes as well as some that would not even turn on the camera. Since then we have had nearly every battery replaced once. At least 4 refurbs have been replaced, some within 1 week of returning. I know of 1 other department in our area, out of 12 who have ISG cameras, that is having similar problems. I consider the ISG camera to have the best image and function without exception, but the battery problem is beyond ridiculous. ISG has worked with us closely and fairly, however, I feel the need to come up with a solution, soon. Has anyone else had similar problems?

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    We're considering an ISG thermal imager, they seem like a great imager. The battery issue that you are describing here is kinda scary. Are all your cameras having battery issues or one or two imagers? Have you ever tried AA batteries in your imager?

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    In my opinion the ISG imager as a camera has the best image and easiest function without exception. It is very small and lightweight. We did extensive testing of ISG, Argus, Bullard, MSA, Flir, & Scott, under both fire and non-fire conditions, with our entire 78-person line staff as well as with surrounding departments. The ISG ran away with the voting. Unfortunately we have had the battery problem with all but 2 of our cameras. ISG has been very responsive to us as well as to another department in our area. So far I have heard of 3 out of 12 departments having similar problems but we are the only department who made such a large purchase. Again, in my opinion, the ISG is the best camera available. I have never tried the commercial battery route.
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    Two departments, two imagers, one battery in 3 years replaced through the "batteries for life" program.

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    We have two ISG camera's recently sent the k1000 back for repair the battery needed to be refurb and charged us 45 dollars even with the batteries for life program.
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    Our K1000 has been back twice in 6 months with image issues and this time the battery needed to be refurbed: Full cost was $110. In general we too would consider the ISG imager the best in terms of picture quality having tried nearly all of them many times. These latest issues though have begun to cause some concern. We've had one k90 for 10 year or better with very little issue though and ISG has always been very easy to work with. But again with an anticipated purchase coming up we're atleast looking around at others for acceptable quality vs. quicker turn around times and/or less overall out of service issues.

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