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    Default High School Evacuation and Accountability Procedures

    We have been working with our local High School to develop good evacuation and accountability procedures for them to use. The evacuation is easy and they are good at it, the accountability on the other hand is lacking, or non-existent. So we are trying to help them develop an accountability procedure for use int he high school, especially during passing periods and lunch. The one procedure we thought of had the students reporting to a certain location to find their assigned homeroom teacher. The problem with that is the size of the school. There are 2,000 students and the school is very large. We are concerned about the amount of time it would take for the students to report to a specific location and be accounted for.
    So, does anyone out there have a good accountability procedure that is being used in a school setting? If so please let me know, I am very interested in seeing what others are using for this problem. I will be meeting with the school administration, police and security officers next week to work on addressing this problem. Any input would be healpful.


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    Interesting topic. I still think your homeroom idea might work, but it would take some live drills to find out for sure.
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    depending on how the high school works, may be a little hard to account for everyone

    especailly if:

    different schedules that allow students to come and go at different times

    different lunch schedules

    allowing students to go off campus for lunch

    different other off campus activities

    sounds like the best is to have teachers/ administrators sweep thier areas, in a fast pace and try to get everyone as possible

    yes decide on a meeting area, maybe depending on location the person is at, and just do a head count.

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    I work in a high school. Only 407 students. Evacuations during the periods before and after lunches are easy to account for, student wise. Each teacher takes their class out and reports their attendance to the area supervisor, who then reports that to the principal, who then reports that to IC. That info is normally know as FD arrives.

    During lunches....same process. Exception being...the kids at lunch. School allows students to leave for lunch so we have no way of knowing whether student is in the building or out. Therefore, FD response during a lunch period is assumed that students are inside the building.
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    One of the things we have done is place in each classroom by the door a small binder with simple instructions on what to do in the event of several emergencies; from a fire to a shooter. The back pages of the binders have three colors. Red, Yellow, Green. When outside if a teacher has all her students she holds the green page up. If a teacher is short a student(s) he holds up the red page, and if a teacher has too many students (she grabbed a student in the hallway or the student who was in the bathroom) she holds up a yellow. So at a glance you can organize students and get a true accountability...

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    Embed tracking chips in each one of them...

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