For years we have been the quiet/modest heroes who simply did our job. The end result has been a lack of the true understanding of the dangers of fire, and now that we are fighting for sprinkler systems, the public doesn't seem to understand the need and importance of these systems and we are losing the fight.

We need to start telling our story like it is.... The Carmel Fire Department has done just that:

"N.Y. Chief Blames Fatal Fire on Lightweight Construction"

The Carmel Fire Department said the flames that early morning were unbeatable. Firefighters say it took a mere ten minutes for the Sullivan family home to catch fire, collapse, ad kill four out of five of them sleeping inside. The Carmel fire chief was quick to blame lightweight construction. It's uses inexpensive and popular building materials made of small bits of wood held together by glue and metal plates to fasten it all.
80% to 85% of fire deaths happen inside people's homes, and with lightweight construction potentially adding to those numbers, the industry and states and municipalities are now pushing for greater usage of single family home sprinkler systems. In new construction, it costs $2000 -- $3000 for an average size home. Fires are generally extinguished within minutes, using just a few dozen gallons of water. And lives are spared.