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Thread: First interview

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    Default First interview

    I have my first interview coming up in a few weeks and I would love to get some ideas of to do's and not to do's. I am wearing a full suit and tie and will be there early of course. Any ideas on good questions to ask at the end of the interview?? Any insight would greatly be appreciated!!!!


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    search firefighter interview questions on google and know your answers like the back of your hand.

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    talk!!!! do not just set there

    research the dept and city, know some facts

    also:: check this thread:: (Captain Bob, gold package program reviews?)

    I winged my first two interviews thinking they were no big deal and did awful. I found myself tripping over my words and using b.s. "clone" answers (as Capt. Bob calls them) for every question. I asked a friend who got hired recently for advice and he swore by this book.

    I ordered the book online, and soon after the audio CD as well. I left it in my car and turned it on every time I had a long drive. I must have listened to it 100 times. The book was good as it lays everything out in writing, but the CD kept me motivated way more. Also, you can find most of the content of the book on his website or within the content of his posts here.

    He may or may not be the best at what he does, and it may be worth checking out what the other interview pros have to offer. It worked for me however - I NAILED my last oral board, and walked out of there feeling like a million bucks. Out of over 3,000 applicants I made the top 24 and will be starting the academy next week!

    I think I spent maybe $20-$30 for the book and about the same for the CD. Definitely less than I would have spent taking my girl out to dinner, and now have my dream job.

    Thanks Captain Bob!
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    Quote Originally Posted by geoff2448 View Post
    Any ideas on good questions to ask at the end of the interview?? Any insight would greatly be appreciated!!!!
    Asking the Panel Questions?

    Question: When a traditional interview is about to finish, I'm usually asked by the interviewer if I have any questions. What can ask at the close of an Interview with a fire department to end it on a positive note? I'm really stumped on this one and need some advice because I want to have some excellent questions. Also, how many questions should I ask?

    Reply: How about none.

    This can either be questions you want to ask the panel or an opportunity for a closing statement.

    Candidates have been told by others that you always have to ask a question, if you're given the opportunity at the end of an interview, or you will lose points. Not true in a fire oral! In a regular or corporate interview that might be true. But not here. You never, ever, ever, have a question. We don't really expect you to have any questions. Also, panel members might be from other departments and not have the answers you're looking for. I had a guy one day ask, "Since I live so far away, can I start at second step pay to help pay for my gas?"

    If that question is asked (here's the "Nugget") you can pause as if your gathering your thoughts and then say, "No, I think we covered everything." We had another candidate say, "You have probably heard about the charges against me for stealing over at the college?" No, we haven't, why don't you tell us about it. Here was another candidate who had done an outstanding job in his oral and he had to bring this up. His score dropped like a wounded seagull. This is not the time to bring up anything like this. You never bring up a negative item unless the panel does. They probably won't. It they do, have a simple, short (I said simple and short) answer to the situation.

    Closing Statement

    Don't forget that the closing part of an interview is where you call on the emotions of the interviewers to give you the job. Don't reiterate or try to do repair work. Use only the key points not already covered in your script. Without being boring or lengthily, tell the interviews why you really want the job and, with your qualifications, hope to be considered for the position.

    Then shut up and get out of the building. Or, you will say something stupid. We had a guy one day ace his oral. After his closing, he said, "Well, if I don't get this job I can always fall back on that part time painters job." The panel couldn't believe what this guy just said after acing his oral. Did it hurt his score? Enough to keep him from getting a shot at a badge. Last time I heard, he was still painting.

    You can find more oral board tips here:
    Interview Questions HELP!
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    "Nothing counts 'til you have the badge . . . Nothing!"

    More Tips on getting hired and promoted by Firehouse Contributing Author Fire “Captain Bob” Articles here:

    Fire "Captain Bob"

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    I use the "smoke your firefighter interview" book. Granted, I haven't been hired yet (ha-ha) but it has helped me at least get to a few 2nd round Orals in the past and when I've mocked with career FFs they all seem to like my approach to the questions. The book is like 25 bucks but totally worth it - plenty of different types of questions that could come up that you will NEED to be prepared for. You don't want to just come in and give the standard, typical answers or you'll blend in with the rest. the book has helped me answer questions while still being able to convey to the panel who I am and what i'm all about.

    I just leave mine on the toilet at home and brush up a few times a day. It definitely helped me after I bombed my first oral board and i'm sure it will open your eyes a lot to what you can expect when you actually get in there and the clock starts ticking. Practice in front of your mirror, while you're driving to and from work and even with family/friends. We all get nervous when we FINALLY get to the interview process - if you actually want this career that's how it should be. But there are only so many different types of questions that would typically come up and if you prepare yourself it will show through.

    Good luck!

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