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Thread: ALF Rumor?

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    Quote Originally Posted by Woodbridge View Post
    The American Lafrance company or brand name could be turned around with the right buyer who has fire service truck building in there history,the name is not dead yet, someone may save them for the right price tag ?
    Doubt it. Snice the exodus from Elmira the product(and support)is not the same. Too many bridges burned or bombed, While the LTI product is a good solid product there are a limited few builders it would appeal to. Smeal already has a good Ladder/Platforn lineup so there is one buyer off the list. I'm just not seeing a return to glory here. Too bad because in the day they were a hard rig to beat. Ran/worked off a good number of them in my early career.

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    The big question is, "Why would anyone want to buy American LaFrance?"

    All the buyer would get is the name and horrible reputation. It would be nearly impossible to put a winning dealer network together under the circumstances.

    No, it would be better to wait a decade or two and then buy the rights to use the name. Same as happened last time.

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