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    Default How does the application process work?

    Hey guys I was wondering what the application process is like. What I mean is do you turn an individual application in to each department or would you just turn one into a recruiter. How do you apply in unfamiliar cities or states. I've never turned in a fd application because I am still going through school so I would appreciate any help.

    Thank you

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    Each city is different

    Just check some of the city web sites

    Some you apply in line. Some you do the paper thing some you can put in an interest card and they will notify you when they are hiring


    Employment postings

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    You apply to an individual fire department, like "Big City Fire Dept" or "Bob County Fire Dept". Most departments only accept applications when they are actively hiring, as well.
    When you find a department that is hiring, you turn in an application, usually online. From there, you will be contacted to take a written exam (usually), a physical agility test, and an interview. If you do poorly on any of these, you will be removed from the process. You will be then ranked on a list with your scores. From there, you have to pass a polygraph test, a medical screening, and sometimes a psychiatric screening. The process can take upwards of 8 months to complete.
    As for unfamiliar cities or states, the process is the same, you just spend way more money on gas driving there.

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    Like has been said, you generally apply to the individual departments during the times they they're taking applications. A few have continious recruitment, but that's not the norm at all. Some will take applications once a year, others take apps every few years. It simply depends.

    There are some departments/states that have a civil service exam. From what I understand, once you take the civil service exam and pass, your name is passed along to a number of departments in the area and/or state that you're interested in working for.

    Applying out-of-state is just like applying in states - just takes more money, time, and fuel to get through the process.
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