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Thread: Car Batteries - Cutting vs. Disconnecting vs. Nothing

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    Quote Originally Posted by BULL321 View Post
    But they are no where near as bad as those, Ricky red light, "we fight what you fear t-shirt wearing" one call every once in a while types!
    OUCH, that was truly cruel. You make me proud.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Miller337 View Post
    OUCH, that was truly cruel. You make me proud.
    Not trying to be cruel, just honest and in a somewhat joking manner as to not bruise those fine folks egos.
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    Quote Originally Posted by GTRider245 View Post
    If patient care is still a priority and D/Cing the cables would cause delay, they get cut. Also if the car is totaled, don't waste time with tools. Just cut them.
    I agree with this point. Especially if the horn is blaring. Either way, a $20 battery cable isn't going to much matter if the vehicle can be repaired.

    When I was a young a firefighter, I cut the cable on a car with the horn blaring. The captain wanted to know why I did excess damage to the car. I pointed to the telephone pole stuck about midway into the engine compartment and stated that I thought that was the least of the owner's problems.
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