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    I am currently interested in learning about the Chicago Squad Companies concept. All that I really know about them is that they are two piece companies. I am wondering about their staffing, purpose on the fire ground, and what they specialize in. I can not find much online so any help or photos would be appreciated. My department is looking into start something similar to this in our region. Thank you very much for your assistance!

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    Staffing, 4 on the box 2 in the snorkle. How they operate? They only go to working incidents (fires,wrecks with entrapment and special rescue) There like the heavy rescue companies FDNY rescues 1-5 for example. CFD runs 3 squads in the city, squad 1 is downtown,2 is northside and 5 is on the southside burning the city down. There is a 4th squad, squad 7 at O'hare airport. For pictures google Tim Olk hes got lots of pics from the Chicago area. There are also several links that might help. Im not on CFD but I have friends that work up there. Hope this helped a little. Ask if you want more.

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    I see CFD is out for bid for a new Snorkel squad. It is my belief that there hasn't been a new boom type Snorkel brand built in the past five years and the stability or ability of ALF to produce a "one off" rig doable?.....or will the tradition die?

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