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    Default Ladder belts on ground ladders

    Use of ladder belts on ground ladders? Your thoughts, SOGs, any disccussion on the topic would be welcome.

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    I've never seen or heard of it being done. I can't see much point in it as most FF's aren't going to be stationary on a ground ladder, you're either going up or coming down.

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    Bad idea. Not much else to be said.
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    IF the situation calls for it, fine. Not having too many situations come to mind...but I guess there could always be a reason. We have Gemtor harnesses on our gear...we'd use that if we had to.
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    When availble we use them for chimney fires where we must operate off our ladders. We have also used them when watching an attic for flare ups when there is no floor to stand on and we must be outside looking in. As a general rule though, they are not used in what I would call the emergency part of a call.

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    Only carried on the aerial, only used to climb it.

    I've never seen it used on a ground ladder, or heard it suggested.
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