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    Cool KRS/ Kwajalein Fire Inspector Position

    Can anyone fill me in on the Kwajalein Fire Inspector positions KRS is hiring for? What are the hours? How many structures are there to inspect? Are there any other inspectors? Who does the Fire Inspector answer to? Anyone know what it PAYS?? I'm taking my hazardous materials awareness test this coming Monday, that's the only cert I was lacking. I started out 30+ years ago at age 19 as a USAF FF, after that I worked as a FF/EMT in the Marshall Islands on Roi-Namur for a couple years. So as far as what itís like there I already know, maybe it's slightly more modernized. I guess now all unaccompanied people have rooms to themselves? I recently retired as a FF/Fire Inspector after a 23+ year career with a stateside dept. I'm also looking into the AFG DynCorp Inspector positions which I already know what the pay is, 114K. My thoughts are, yea, AFG is paying pretty good, but its a war zone too! I know from reading other post that KRS WONT pay as much but then again there won't be any mortar attacks! I'm not at all enthused about leaving the family. But there are NO Inspector opportunities nearby. The closest one is an 8 hour drive. Ok any info, advise, help is greatly appreciated.

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    what state are you in??

    have you looked at fire alarm and fire sprinkler companies to work for as an inspector

    Marriott is suppose to be a nice gig, if you can get in

    do not know what the company out of arizona is called now, but they do the home depot inspections

    there are some third party inspection companies:::

    Bureau Veritas: Corporate Website


    ISO - Your source for information about risk
    safety jobs

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    I'm in Florida, east central coast. I've either sent my resume or personally called all the local Fire equipment/supply/systems companies I dealt with when I was the AHJ. None employe strictly fire inspectors, to be one of there systems inspectors you have to have NICET certs which equal time and $$ to get. Same goes for the big guys, Cintas, Simplex, etc. I considered going to the state fire college on Ocala to take the extinguisher service tech class but there's still no guarantee of a job. When I asked the extinguisher companies if they need extinguisher guys they would all say, "we don't need any one, but, if you take the class stop by, but we cant guarantee anything". Supposedly Wackenhut is bidding for the upcoming Kennedy Space Center contract, I filled out an application, but, who knows about that. It would be nice,its about an hour drive but I could handle that. I'll look into Marriott, I applied at ISO, they blew me off, the Bureau Veritas I may have already sent a resume I think. I APPRECIATE the info...REALLY, Thank You.

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