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    Default SAFER 1199a Help

    Hi folks,
    I have been reading through the various threads on here and I am still left with some questions so here I go. I took over writing the grants for our department six months ago. In the past three years there have been three different people writing grants for us and we have received an AFG regional award in the first of the last three years. On the 11th of May we got a request for the 1199a. Our city financial manager tells me that in all of the years we have received a federal grant, probably every two or three years, we have never had to do a 1199a and then been denied. I tried to look on the old accounts that were used for previous grants but there isn't anything available since I wrote this SAFER grant for R&R on my own, new account. My question is whether the 1199a is indicative of a SAFER award? Is there any way to see what we were awarded? Last, what is the turn around time once FEMA receives the 1199a for us to hear something back?

    Thanks for the help.

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    If the department received grants in the past, then at some point someone filled out an 1199A and sent it in. If the bank account did not change in the subsequent years under that same login, then they most likely wouldn't have requested that another one be filled out. It's an odd system, some of our clients have 8-10 awards under one 1199A since 2002 and have never had to fill out another one. Some get it every 2-3 years.

    Since you made a new login they assume on the safe side and think that the department is a new applicant, so an 1199A has to be filled out and sent in so that the award process can continue.

    Nothing is official until it is official, but more than likely you're getting awarded for the SAFER. Congrats.

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