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Thread: Harrisburg 2012 Show

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    Quote Originally Posted by SFD_E73_RET View Post
    Personally I like zolotone in the compartments (not as coarse) and why would anybody cover a pump panel? Use stainless steel it looks better and it's easier to clean.
    I disagree. Our Seagrave engine has the Line-X coating on the panels of the pump housing (side mount). I think it looks much better than our older units with stainless and it's much, much easier to keep clean so far.

    Another benefit is that IMO the guages stand out a little more and there's pretty much no glare/reflection off the Line-X panels when working in bright sunlight.

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    And what's up with E-One...looked more liked E-DONE with going from over a dozen trucks a few years ago to only having 1 quarter of that on display there this year...

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    In fairness, E-One had a great number of rigs on display at FDIC this year.
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    I love how the number of trucks a manufacturer displays is all of a sudden the litmus test on whether they will sink or swim. Has ZEEEERO to do with it. Correct me if Im wrong, but these shows cost the dealers a significant amount of money to rent space and pay to man booths at these shows. E-One isnt as big as they once were and maybe their local dealer chose to rent a smaller space. They arent going anywhere so to say E-DONE is simply inaccurate. I can tell you that they,E-One, are once again making multiple deliveries up this way in the northeast. Greenwood Emergency Vehicles has been making and from the looks of it, will continue to make several deliveries up this way. Doesnt at all suggest they are outselling the competition, but they are doing their part to support a company that quite frankly, I dont see sinking any time soon.

    I remember last year reading comments on here about Seagrave and that because they werent showing up at shows or when they did it was a small display, that the doors were closing the following week the way it sounded. They are still open. Just amazing that people put so much stock into these shows. And if it does have anything to do with their overall viability, then they will learn it soon enough on their own.

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    Although Dave Houseal takes no credit for it, he is the keeper of this literary gem, only fitting to share.

    Some one wrote this and sent it to me. . .but unfortunately I lost the original email to find out who it was. Anyway this was his (not mine) observations on the Fire Expo in 2003.

    Here are some observations from the recent Harrisburg Fire Expo show:

    To quote it's unknown author "If nothing else, I have to witness again and again the immutable fact that the fire service will take anybody. "

    Dewly Whacker, wearing the stained tee shirt stretched tight over his gut,
    carrying the $1500 light bar that he will install on his $200 truck,while
    his tired-looking and very ugly wife pushes the carriage containing the
    mean little results of his sperm colliding with her ovum in a long ago moment
    of Mad Dog 20/20 inspired passion.

    Next comes Norbert Fuzz, Grand Emperor of the Fire Police Squadron in
    Lanced Boil Springs. Despite the fact that he is 700 miles from home, he
    carries two 500 channel pocket scanners, his monitor, a cell phone, baton,
    handcuffs, flare gun, CS teargas, and probably has a Walther PPK
    secreted on his person. His vehicle of choice would be an LTD Crown Victoria with an Edge bar, grille strobes, an arrowstick, Federal Q siren and wigwag
    headlights. This man masturbates while reading a Gall's catalog.

    Following them is Sylvia Cruntley, Ladies Auxiliary President of Buttcrack
    Heights VFD. Her lavender stretch pants have reached critical mass, and
    when her pager beeps, little children have been known to cry, "Look
    out-I think she's backing up!" Her t-shirt is emblazoned with "got milk?" yet
    the mere thought of those leviathan mammaries is enough to wilt the most
    stalwart of Woodrows. As she shuffles past, munching on her 3rd funnel
    cake of the morning, the sight of her flesh in motion reminds one of two hogs
    in a burlap sack, wrestling over a Snickers bar.

    Entertainment such as this knows no equal.
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