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    Default Buffalo Fire Dept

    Was wondering if anyone had a inside scoop on when they might be testing again? I called civil service and the lady told me the last time they had a test was in 2008, and they usually test every 3 to 4 years.

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    I called civil service office about a week ago and was told that nothing is in the works and that when they do offer the test, it will be in the news and to check back on the civil service website. That's all I got from them.

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    Along with them hiring. Can anyone speak on what shape the department is in? Money for equipment, stations, relationship the department has with the community? I'm from the general area but haven't lived there in years. I'm hearing the city is trying to bounce back and would really like to consider my home town for a place to raise my kids. There's no community down here in Northern VA.

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    The city of Buffalo will not even let you apply if you are not a city resident. They also just tested on 11/17/13. The only city(s) without residency in New York state are FDNY and Watertown.
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