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    Default Emergency Vechile Operations

    I noticed that most job posting are including a 16 Hour EVOC requirement. When I completed fire school they gave me a certification saying "completed 24 Hours in Emergency Vechile Operations". Anyone know if this cert is accepted as an alternative?

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    Yea you gotta go back and take a specific 16 hour EVOC course. The one you get in the academy doesnt count. Its gotta say 16 hour EVOC course.

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    does anyone know if diabetics are able to go through the EVOC class. I am new to a volly department in ohio and i have heard different answers about it from people but no one knows for sure. so if there is anyone that can help me out.

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    I second what Ocean_Medic said. You need to take a 16 Hour EVOC course. Does yours say VFIS on it? It probably does, and that isnt what you need.

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