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    Default lose bodyweight fast? like in 3-4 monthes

    Hey..I need to meet a height/weight requirement for a possible job...

    I've always focused on lifting heavy to get muscular and I'm in decent shape but I'm about 40-45 pounds off the target weight...need to drop it down in about 3-4 months.

    Other then doing cardio, instead of lifting heavy..does anyone have any ideas?

    I've looked into the crossfit/gymjones but I don't really have the money to pay for a program..

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    40 or 50 pounds off target? Yeah, no.

    I was once told of this crazy trick where you burn more calories a day than you consume but it never seen plausible. Have you requested a weight test on the moon? If you're in 'decent shape' you should know that. Do Crossfit. It's fun. Gym jones would chew you up.
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    need to find out what works for your body, mine is low fat diet

    also if you have an iphone check this:::

    Lose It! - Succeed at weight loss with Lose It!

    you can put in a traget wieght and will tell you how to get there

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    Google "The Four Hour Body" by Tim Ferris. I bought the book and did the diet plan, stopped lifting heavy, mixed in more circuit and cardio workouts and managed to drop a little over 10 pounds a month.

    After seeing the results, a few friends have borrowed my book and tried it out for themselves.

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    Cut out all carbs and increase protein. No flour, pasta, bread etc.
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