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    Default Does a department have to release a copy of your test results

    I am a career Firefighter at a smaller department and a member of my local IAFF. Wanting to get on a bigger Department I tested for a large Department in my state last november. I passed the Written and IAFF CPAT. Recently another big department opened up a hiring process that i wanted to apply for I met all the requirements. They weren't having there own cpat and written They just required you have one from somewhere else. That was within a year. There local Tech school has a written and cpat that you have to pay 150 dollars for. Since I already had one from the other bigger dept and they said I could use that one all i had to do was get a copy of the results. Thats were the problem starts I called the bigger dept and they sent me to the HR guy who said they don't release copies of the testing results and copies of cpat results. He then said something like they had to have an written agreement between the two depts to release the results to them. I checked the IAFF website and both depts have full cpat license I tried to read the fine print but didn't see anything about it having to be a written agreement . Also I was once told that all testing done with a fire department is an open record and they have to provide you a copy upon request. I was wondering if anyone had any pointers or had the same problem before.

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    So you can take anyone's written test???

    So you can take anyone's cpat???

    That is interesting????

    Most cities will not release and what are they going to release you hit 90% on some test???

    Pay the 150 you will get it back on your first check

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