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    Default Regional Training Props - any luck?

    Question: Has anyone had success applying for regional training props (e.g. county-wide use housed at a county training facility)?

    From what I read in the '11 Program Guidance Kit, training props were eligible for funding. I was searching through the forum archives to verify this. I found some older posts stating that while the grant states that regional equipment must be physically distributed to all departments listed in the grant application, the actual intent of the grant is to ensure that the equipment is used and/or made available to all departments listed in this application.

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    Training props could be done as a regional if it's done with something that is "distributed" among participants. On training that's usually funding to put on classes. Props by themselves wouldn't be if there wasn't. All props must be mobile also but most manufacturers that make props that I've seen have a mobile component to them, even if it's just an easy means of loading it onto a trailer for transport. Like car props and stuff.

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    I'm managing a 2009 regional award that provided portable propane fueled props under similar location circumstances and funds to provide training to county firefighters. Props had to be portable. Trailers were included and are used to store props, transport them if needed. Trailers also contain propane storage and battery power to run props. Like Brian said, funds to deliver the training throughout county is a critical element. Send me a pm if more detailed info is needed.

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