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    Default Succession Planning Project

    I am looking for information as part of an applied research project to complete Officer III & IV. While I have found a copius amount of information on the subject, I would like to hear the thoughts of the members of this forum.

    My research project focuses on the applicability of a Career Development Plan for our members.

    Please take a few moments to answer the following ...

    1. Has your agency instituted specific training, education, or certification requirements for promotion to leadership positions and your agency’s reasoning?

    2. What have been the results of your current method of promotion?

    3. Would you change the current practice of your agency and if so what would you do differently? Explain (if you would, describe how and why, if you would not describe reasons why)

    4. Has your agency experienced or avoided firefighter safety issues as a result of your current promotional program? (Explain)

    5. Do you believe that a formal career development program would benefit your internal and external customers? (Explain)

    Additionally, it would be helpful to include the size, structure, and location of your organization.

    Any assistance will be greatly appreciated.


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