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    Default Fork in the road, help.

    My question is what should I do? Right now I am going to college to get a Bachelors Degree in Forest Management and my dream is becoming a fire fighter. I choose this program because it relates a little to fire fighting and I could try to become a volunteer firefighter up here while I go through college. I've just completed my first year and I starting to wonder if I should try to keep going through this program or actually focus on getting my certs and experience to get hired.

    My two options are go to community college instead, transfer, and get my associates in fire science and my ff1 in two years, while working as an EMT or for a local hospital and working on getting on a local mountain and being a volunteer for ski patrol. It is away from home and I'll be on my own.

    My other option is continue going to my university and finish my 3-4 years left, re-try to get on becoming a VFF and get a random job here?

    Also thanks for any help.

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    if the goal is to be a paid firefighter

    get what certs are required to apply, and start applying

    do you know what the minimum certs are to apply??

    you can get a college degree while on shift

    what state are you in???

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    If the ultimate goal is to become a paid firefighter as your career, I wouldnt mess around too much with the forest management..maybe if you were focusing on forestry service firefighting then sure...just my opinion..

    Here in Missouri a good plan is to complete Paramedic first as many fire departments will hire you as a paramedic and put you through a fire 1 & 2 program of their own...so you may research that for your area to see what might be the best route.

    Take a few trips around to talk to some guys at various career departments...most of them will be able to give you great insight and advise on your decisions..but ultimately it is your decision dont let others make it for you

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