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    Default Would You See the Knee Bags?

    I wanted to share some images of a new Audi A8 with you. This vehicle is the top-of-the-line vehicle within the Audi line-up. The point I am making for responders is specifically about knee bags and how difficult it is for responders to even know that they exist in a vehicle.

    Designed to only deploy on frontal collisions, it is very probably that people could be trapped and you would be jacking or rolling the dash with 'live' knee bags present. They deploy with stored gas inflators so 4,000psi or more pressure would be right where your tools are working the dash.

    While standing up, with the driver's door open, this is what you would see in bright daylight. Would you be the one to notice the driver's knee bag?

    The second image is what you might see if you were kneeling down alongside the driver's seat. Now would you be able to detect the knee bag?
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