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    Default iPad app for fire reports

    Does anyone know of a good app out there for iPad and iPhone that allows for incident reports to be taken and emailed in? I have zoll Epcot and love it. Could use an app that does fire though.

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    hi @cubachief502

    check out SituationWare


    It is locale-aware and leverages e-mail, Facebook, Twitter and SMS for collaborating or informing your touch points. You can: send group messages alerting your touch points of an emergency pinpoint the exact location of the emergency via Google Maps.

    If you would have any questions I'd be happy to answer you here.
    None of us is as smart as all of us!

    Communication is everything in emergencies-SituationWare

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    We use I pads for everything except reporting. PRE plans, mapping, hydrant location but to my knowledge the only way to do run reports is with firehouse, fire programs, emergency reporting mobile software. Be advised we tried them and they were slow and not very dependable.

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