My name is Wes and I am a POC firefighter from Wisconsin and I am just looking for some feedback of any kind. I suffer from optic migraines. My condition is not nearly as bad as many individuals which I am thankful for, but I am concerned about trying to become full time. If anyone else gets these optic migraines and knows what I am talking about please your input would be greatly appreciated. In my case they seem to be caused by lack of water, which I try to never let occur, but we all know once in a while we do too much. Also lack of food or calories may be an issue. What happens is I get a little flashy bulb in my left eye and then it gets bigger until it is really hard to see, however I do lose my vision completely, such as blindness. I manage them very well and I have only gotten one on the fireground when we were all sitting in the truck waiting to be released. I workout regularly and again gone to many fire calls and busted my tail and never got one, but once in a while they do happen. These migraines occur after physical activity. I can say with confidence I am not concerned about being in a structure and all of a sudden I get a migraine because mine are not like that. I love being a firefighter more than anything and am scheduling an appointment with a neurologist to see if I can help my situation anymore than just taking a pill when they occur. Any feedback would be great.