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    Default Wildland PPE

    I have a question I'm hoping someone here can help with. My department is looking at applying for wildland PPE this year. We currently don't have any despite the fact that we protect a 5,000 acre state forest and are pretty active during brush fire season. I'm looking at putting in for a complete set of gear for each member, including coats, pants, boots, helmets, etc. My question is how do I file this in the "request details" section? Under wildland PPE it only lists jumpsuits/coveralls, shelters, and webgear/backpacks/canteens. Should I just select "jumpsuits/coveralls" and write the specifics in the description?


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    Jumpsuits/coveralls are wildland PPE. Structural PPE of any kind shouldn't be used on wildland fires, thus why there's no selection for it.

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    I'm working on a very similar application and this is what I'm doing:

    Even though "helmet" "gloves" "goggles" "coat" "pants" etc. are listed under Structural PPE in the drop down box (an no where else including wildland ppe), when you're done with that page, everything is listed generically in the "Fire Operations and Firefighter Safety Request Details" page. It just lists "Coats" "Pants" etc. It DOES NOT say "Structure" or "Turnout" coats. I believe this is why they have the "provide further description" box available. So that you can write in there "NFPA 1977 - 2011 certified Wildland Firefighting Coats".

    When the reviewers read the application, I really don't think they will believe you intend to where structure turnouts on wildland fires.
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    Default Call Volume . . . . .

    To all that has received a Grant for Wildland PPE, on an average, whats the call volume you run on for Brush/Wildland Fires?

    Trying to get a grasp on some Numbers to see if our Dept may be qualify for something like this or not.

    Thank you!

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