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    Default Djibouti Positions

    Position: Firefighter/Emergency Medical Technician

    Location: Djibouti, Africa

    Requirements: (No Exceptions)
    Nationally Registered EMT-Basic or higher (only NREMT accepted; no state only)
    DoD, IFSAC or ProBoard HazMat Awareness and Operations
    DoD, IFSAC or ProBoard Fire Fighter I & II
    DoD, IFSAC or ProBoard Airport Firefighter
    DoD, IFSAC or ProBoard Driver Operator Pumper & or ARFF
    Valid U.S. Drivers License & Passport

    To apply, go to:
    Go to “Search Openings”, Click: “View”
    Country: “Djibouti”
    Key Word: “Firefighter/EMT”
    *Include your valid NREMT Number and Last-4 of SSN on your resume when applying to receive immediate consideration.

    Position: Emergency Management Senior Specialist

    Location: Djibouti, Africa

    The Emergency Management Senior Specialist serves as the subject matter expert on response to Chemical, Biological, Radiological, and Nuclear Incidents.

    Basic Requirements: (No Exceptions)
     DoD, IFSAC or ProBoard HazMat Awareness, Operations, & Technician, or graduate of a U.S. Military CBRN/NBC school
     U.S. Military or equivalent Instructor certification
     DOD SECRET Security Clearance
     Valid Driver’s License from country of origin

    For the full job description, requirements, and to apply, go to:
    Go to “Search Openings”, Click: “View”
    Country: “Djibouti”
    Key Word: “Emergency”
    Thank you to the brave men and women of our great military, past, present and future for allowing my right to express my opinion and my opinion only, not representation of any company I may work for.

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    Thanks for the info. Can I PM you with a few questions about the firefighter/emt position?

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