Hey guys,

Finally made a video of a problem we see a lot in the shop.

You've got a dead sensor, usually LEL or H2S, and the way it died was from either slow poisoning through lead or silicon (on the LEL sensor) or that the last bottle of calibration gas you had fell victim to the dreaded H2S fade.

Regardless, you have a new sensor now, and you install it, only to find that with your new sensor and new bottle of calibration gas, the sensor is now too sensitive to calibrate and you're outside the threshold calibration range! This is actually a software issue, of all things, and it happens on a number of brands. We see it most on BW Technologies and MSA, but it'll happen on other brands as well.

This youtube will show you the basic procedure on how to fix it. All you need is an extra bottle of calibration gas of a lesser value than the sensor giving you problems. If you have any questions, feel free to email me at james@idealcalibrations.com. My phone has been off the hook lately, so email is easier on me.


Let me know if there are any other videos I can make to help out. Basic monitor repairs, calibrations, etc.

Keep safe!

James Moore
Ideal Calibrations, LLC