I got these boots because I was planning on getting a job with a hotshot crew this season, but I got hired here in FL at a structure dept instead, so now I don't need these. They have just enough wear to call them broken in. They're very comfortable like a good stiff pair of mountaineering/hiking boots, and they are tall - naysayers will tell you they arent as good as whites or nicks - they say that without having worn these!

I will sell these for 200 OBO - thats already 100 off what I paid, not including shipping. As I said, these are in like new condition, I would say new, but they do have visible wear signs because I wore them for 4 months breaking them in for this season.

If you wear thick socks, I'd say someone needing a size 10, 10.5, or 11 could use these. Because they are lace-to-toe, you can really cinch them up tight. any bigger and you may have a problem, they tell you to buy cosmas hercules a half size large, and I normally wear 11.

Anyone interested pm me or post here, I'll post pics if anyone is interested in seeing them.