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    Default Grant writing fees?

    Kind of curious, anybody hire a grant consultant to write a AFG or similar grant and then submit tose fees in the grant for reimbursement? And how much? Could not find anything in PG. THanks and good luck.

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    Most of our municipal clients do it because the lawyers want it reported that we touched it, not caring about the reimbursement though. Only thing that's bad with the system now is that you can't report using someone and then not put in the amount without it "forcing" you to have it reimbursed unless you report $0 fee.

    Fees for writers have to be flat rate and reasonable. No percentage based fees, no contingency fees. Anything you put has to be paid in full within 30 days in order to be eligible, they do ask for copies of the checks.

    As for reasonable, depends on your definition. Last conversation I had asking what they were seeing up there was around $1000 for a narrative, more if online entry/review was done, and they reimbursed those with no issue

    Like I've said before, as far as writers and fees go, I don't take issue with what people charge, I take issue with how they do their job and some make bad names for all of us. Like one today where another writer/company the department called before they called us for pricing told the department they could get them a rescue-pumper AND a Chief's car from AFG in the same application without a problem. Fee wasn't much more than ours, but doesn't matter, that's just plain bad advice. I've already turned back 30+ apps because people would be wasting their money hiring anyone, even us. I know a lot of other people that would do the same, and that's the list I refer people off of when we can't fit them in or want someone to come on site. Several are right around these forums.

    What sucks is the list of people that have in my mind "stolen" money from applicants for creating ineligible and non-competitive apps. Like applying to replace 2 y/o bunker gear, etc. So like hiring any contractor, get referrals, and get some basic knowledge about the process and program so you know what questions to ask your contractor. Just my .02 since that's all I have left after putting the other $99.98 into the PodCast that we posted Tuesday afternoon. Must say that's my best picture yet...none.

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    I would agree with everything BC79er stated. That is why I want to always have a Q & A session with someone before I even want to discuss a fee. I refuse to accept doing a project for someone when I clearly know that the project has no chance of success. I might be in need of the income but, I am not going to risk my reputatuion on a single fee to someone. You come to a consultant to be told "what you need to hear" not what you "want to hear" and that is a rule I will not compromise as I have been the victim of that on countless occassions throughout my public safety career.
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