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    Default grant fees

    Can anyone request grant fees?
    Do you have to be an official grant writer?
    what is the average amount awarded?
    Can someone who is part of the fire dept that writes the grant request fees?
    Does asking for grant writing fees affect your odds of getting the grant?

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    Grant writer fees need to be pre-paid (within 30 days of application close) to an external grant writer.

    Does not affect your odds per se, but the inclusion of grant writer fees is something I strongly suggest against for these reasons:

    • You will not be reimbursed for grant writing fees unless your application is successful.
    • If you are willing (and able) to pay up front for a grant writer who may help you obtain a $100,000 award, are you really in need of your $1,000 [ex.] back?
    • This generally doesn't (and isn't supposed to) happen, but if a Peer Reviewer sees two people competing for a Pumper for $250,000 and the other wants $251,000 to include the costs of the grant writer, he or she may wish to maximize the funding pool and save that extra $1,000 for another award.
    • The limited funding for the program makes things extremely competitive...if a grant writer who charges $1,000 is successful in obtaining 100 grants, we've just taken $100,000 out of the funding pot -- competing against ourselves!

    I work with about 60 fire departments each year and have explained this to them. It could mean the difference in their application being funded or not...if I take $xxxx out of the pot with 50 grants, customer #51 may have just lost their PPE.

    This isn't to say don't use a grant writer, just consider the need to get every single dime you can. I consider it part of an overmatch; both help you gain a competitive edge in scoring.
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    I have never had a winning client ever complain that they did not put in to recover the fee!
    Kurt Bradley
    Fire/EMS/EMA Grant Consultant
    " Never Trade Skill for Luck"

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    I would hope one doesn't charge their own department, I never did. Still don't, it's an app to help me as a member, but that's just me.

    Now there's somewhat of a second side to what you were asking, which is about administrative fees which are allowed if you have to hire someone to help run the bid process, evaluation, etc. Every now and again depending on the project we have someone include these to pay for someone to oversee everything, sometimes it's a few extra bucks to a part-time admin or someone that's already there knowing they're going to have to spend more time working because of the grant. Or to compensate someone to take off work to inspect a truck, or something like that. But as the PG says, no percentage based fees, actual costs which much be listed.

    As far as listing fees most don't for the reasons the other guys said, but we do have some municipal clients that require it, although most don't put the fee in either, just list that we worked on it. I've never heard of a reviewer holding a fee against anyone, but it could happen. A few of the departments we work for with budgets under $10k we list it, they need everything they can get and never had an issue.

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