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    Default AFG Word/ Character Counts?

    Really basic question. I "think" I'm pretty much done with my AFG narrative. I'm waiting to meet up with the person who has the AFG login. When I do I'd like to just be able to copy & paste it in. Does anyone know what the word counts are for Community Desc. / Financial etc. I can find it anyplace in the paperwork. Do spaces & lines count too? Thank you.

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    4000 character count for organization/community description as well as financial need.

    3000 character count for project description, cost/benefit, statement of effect, and additional info.

    all characters count against the limit (including spaces).

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    Your are the man! Thank you!

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    The program narratives should provide all the information necessary for you to justify your needs and for the program office to make an award decision. In the program narrative sections, please explain your needs and how the grants funds will be utilized. A panel of your peers will review the narratives below and the financial need narrative in the Applicant Characteristics II section as part of their evaluation of your entire grant application.
    Please ensure that your narrative clearly addresses each of the following areas to the best of your ability. Follow the sequence and specifically address each of the following topics:
    • Section #1 Project Description: What you are requesting funding for, including budget descriptions of the major budget items, i.e., personnel, equipment, contracts, etc.? 3,000 characters
    • Section #2 Cost/Benefit: What benefits will your department or community realize if the project described is funded? Provide justification for the budget items relating to the cost of the requested items. 3,000 characters
    • Section #3 Statement of Effect: How would this award affect the daily operations of your department and how would this award affect your department’s ability to protect lives and property in your community? 3,000 characters
    • Section #4 Additional Information: In the space provided below include details regarding your organization’s request not covered in any other section. 3,000 characters

    Your narrative should be detailed but concise. Your may either type your project narrative in the spaces provided below; or create the text in your word processing system and then copy it into the spaces provided below. Images and attachments are not allowed.

    Each section is 3,000 characters. Hope that helps!

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    BTW- Community and Department Information and the Financial Needs section is 4000 each. Just a heads up to you, if you use Arial #10 (which appears to be what prints out to reviewer) you will need to keep your character count at about 60-70 characters less than maximum to get it to fit. I have been using 3940 for the 4K sections and 2930 for the 3K sections.
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