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    Default "Do you have a seasonal increase in population?"

    For starters, does this mean an increase in the population residing in your jurisdiction? Or, can it also mean the # of people driving through your service area? We are bordered by a State Park, which attracts about 10,000 tourists every summer. It's not in our jurisdiction, but you do have to drive through our area to get to the park. We also have numerous Campgrounds, Fishing/Hunting supply stores, hunting resorts, and ATV/Snow mobile trails in our jurisdiction.

    How do I answer this question on the grant?

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    Cant hurt to mention it in the narrative section from what I've learned
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    Probably doesn't hurt to mention in narative if applicable to need or can add to favorable circumstances.

    But I believe that question is targeting areas like shore towns, tourist areas, etc. which may have a significant amount of homes, inns, hotels, etc., in which the permanent residents listed in the census may be a limited amount (5,000 year round residents) but during the travel season when all homes are occupied, inns full and hotels are packed bringing the population served by a department to a higher level (20k, 30k, etc) than what can otherwise be documented. The increased population will require more resources than the permanent resident population. Without a way to indicate need the dept might seem over equipped in computer screening based on permanent population only.

    Until recently these applicants did not have any way to indicate this need in the application other than if it got read in peer review. Don't know how the computer scoring is affected or what verification is done. I would consult chamber of commerce, town office for occupancy rates of buildings or other documentation to support claim if questioned.

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