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    Thumbs up Operation NTC Cookie-

    It started as a small idea that my sister-in-law had last week to bake some cookies and take them to her son where he is currently doing desert training at Ft. Irwin in southern CA. It has now turned into a full scale project.This has really exploded. My sister works for the local paper so she was able to convince one of the columists to give us a plug in his column Tuesday. We have gotten donations from Panera Breaad, Subway, Walmart (200 bottles of Gatorade), grocery stores are giving us cookies. I have already baked more than 500 cookies over the past few days. I will be baking brownies on Saturday as they don't freeze well. ( cookies can be baked and frozen till Sunday.)

    This is going to be such a huge surprise for all the men and women at Fort Irwin as theyare still out in the field training. I think they are due to come back from the field on the 22nd-23rd. We will be there the 24th. The Colonel even gave us a name "Operation NTC Cookie".
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    You're doing a wonderful thing for our Service Brothers & Sisters!!!

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    Cheffie, you are a wonderful good hearted person.
    Stay Safe and Well Out There....

    Always remembering 9-11-2001 and 343+ Brothers

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    Well, it ws an incredible day. We had almost 12,000 cookies and 500 bottles of gatorade. The look on the faces of the troops was so worth it. We were able to met with the enlisted guys and talk to them, met a number of officers. I think they were overwhelmed by all the treats we brought. At one point, I think I was starting to get tears in my eyes. What an honor to be able to let the men and women who protect and defend our contry let them know how much we appreciate their service.

    The colonel gave each of us a challenge coin. My nephew is a private. The coin he received he said was only one rank below a general. I think the ones we received were probably not quite as high ranking as that but it is something I wil cherish forever.

    There is also a huge rock formation just before the entrance to the guard stations. Painted on rocks are all the insignias of brigades that have trained there. I will try to get a few pictures posted in a few days when my body and brain catch up.

    Of course, one of the other highlights was I happend to tell one of the officers I was talking to that I would love to be able to be close and personal to a Stryker and see what they look it. His reply was to call over one of his men and tell him to make it happen. They let me climb inside (this one was about 6 years old and he said is was one of the older ones.). Of course I had to stand up and poke my head out the hatch in the back. Hey, someone had to cover their 6.
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