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Thread: Haul prusik?

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    Quote Originally Posted by FiremanLyman View Post
    Reread your post, the only time the munter is a belay for us is in a two tension rope system. Not catching anything with a significant fall factor. Hope that helps.

    Don't munters easily flip? I was told this hitch was for use when lack of a better device is available. Not being a wiseguy, just seeking enlightenment.

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    Yes, the munter flips, and that is a good thing. The purpose of flipping the munter in the carabiener is to change direction with it. Lowering with it it proceeds in one direction, when you go to raise (either by adding a MA or in low angle having a litter carry team walk back towards you) you pull on the running end and the munter flips in the carabiener and changes direction.

    Back to the 540... funny we had the discussion, on our Task Force team we just talked about it in application. Evidently we will be using it more often on the US&R team.
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