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    Default I made the list Lowell mass

    Took the civil service exam, had to do the physical ELPAT twice, bunch of medical exams...I finally made the reserve list in Lowell, massachusetts. I am not a vet. So I don't think I will be hired anytime soon but I was going to goto school and get my fire science degree. I already have a degree in IT but is it worth it to get it in fire sciences? Any other recommendations for a future full time career firefighter?


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    Work out

    Get paramedic

    Apply where ever a test is given

    Do you have all the certs needed to apply anywhere??

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    I agree on getting (or staying) in shape. I disagree on getting your Paramedic card if your department does not require it and/or do ALS. You would just be wasting your time and money. I do reccomend getting your EMT at a minimum. That is not that involved and can be had for only around $1,000. A quality Paramedic program in Mass will run upwards of 15k and take about 2 years. If you get hired during the process and have to go to the Fire Academey, you will likley not be able to finish the Paramedic program.

    A fire Science degree would never hurt you in most situations. Just don't above a Bachelor's degree till you get hired. A buddy of mine got his Masters in Criminal Justice before getting hired and now no Police department will hire him because of how much they would have to pay him. They cannot stop you from getting degree's once you get hired, but they can pass you over on hiring.

    Look into getting other certs. Tech rescue, Haz Mat, etc. Even if they wont count on points, they look good in interviews and applications because it shows your motivation and dedication to the fire service.

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