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    Default Kansas City Kansas FD

    Does anyone have an idea when KCK might be hiring paramedics again? I know they were just hiring Medics this past March. I'm just wondering how often they hire and if they will be looking for more fire medics next year?

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    They just hired in July... actually started academy on the 12th or were supposed to. They weren't willing to work around my paramedic school of 2 days a month, but in my opinion it was a good experience and their loss. Walking out the door I knew I would have had a job if I was done with school. The Fire Chief absolutely loves prior service so it looks like you have that on your side as well.

    They seem to hire annually for FF's. This is the first I've seen them simply hire medics only. They did not do a normal hiring process this year, just medics. In 2011 they did a hiring process that took nearly 6 months for the guys to find out what was going on... and it sounds like that is the standard length of time for KCK. They are much slower of a process than the Johnson county departments. KCKFD seems to be expecting to do another class this following spring from what I heard, but again that's all hearsay. KCK is tight lipped about everything.

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