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    Default Cell Phone/Auxiliary Power Device Feedback:

    I recently gave a presentation based on Ron's video on "Total Electric system shutdown." It was during a debriefing/training after we had a MVC involving a semi. The driver had a "snake pit" of devices plugged into the lighter port, including a solar panel. All present ( including some visitors from HQ) remarked that this was indeed something to add to our usual procedures. It wasn't long afterwards that I received from one of the attendees a link to the following article:

    Cell Phone/Auxiliary Power Device Feedback: Demolishing a Commonly Held Vehicle Extrication Myth

    The comment that accompanied the link was "An interesting article. Although taking the 2 seconds to unplug that stuff will not hurt. "

    Does anyone have any comment on this topic? So is it a myth? Personally I take the position why take the chance? Unplug the stuff!

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    I'd agree on still unplugging it. We also have to remember that electronics in a car involved in a crash are most likely damaged, so there's no guarantee of what they'll do.

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