Subject: Injured Utah Firefighters

Hello All-

Yesterday two volunteer firefighters were seriously injured while fighting a fire down at Oak City.There were three firefighters that were in a vehicle when it was overrun.In their efforts to escape being trapped, the driver was forced to drive through the fire to get to safety.The end result was that the driver received burns to the left side of his face and his left arm and was treated and released.The other two firefighters received more significant injuries and were taken to the University Burn Center in Salt Lake City.

Camron Nielson and Ross Anderson are the two firefighters at the Burn Center.Of the two, Camron is the more serious. He has significant burns to his face, neck and hands and will require a lot of care for the time being.Ross is doing a bit better. He is burned on his face, hands, and legs.He may get to leave the hospital as early as tomorrow (according to him) or a day or two later (his wife).Both of them spoke with Ryan Mellor(SLCFD USAR Captain) who stopped by to see how they were doing and what assistance their families may need. Also, one of our engines stopped by last night to check on them as well as our Union. Brady George (SLCFD Captain Station 1 & State Association Trustee) is stopping by to check on them and their families today.

Ryan Mellor also called the other firefighter (Clark Christenson) to check on him.He is fine, just a little shaken up and feeling bad for his friends.Those guys said that if he hadnít done what he did, they would have died and I conveyed that to him and gave him our thanks for saving them.

An account has been set up for anyone who would like to make a donation to the Firefighter's Credit Union (Account #6112B) to help with gas money for Camron's wife to be able to travel back and forth to bring their daughter up to visit each day. This was a concern for her.


Gina Bell/Training Facilitator

Salt Lake City Fire Department