If it is not a "long haul" but a rather short lower, I like having the MA off the tripod and into the hole as the mainline. My rational, I hate playing the angle game keeping my forces inside the tripod legs.

Have a piggypack MA set aside for rescue/recovery on the belay (safety/tag) line.

With Micheal's question; there is not a good reset with a 4:1 piggyback into a hole. I'd either piggyback outside the tripod or use the whole MA as the main line.

Side note to derail the topic; we did a training entrant recovery using the dorsal attachment the other day. The down rescuer (me) was in under a few pipes. I tried to play limp as possible. Sucked, but worked. Used the Mainline MA in the hole on the tripod, piggy backed it onto my recovery (safety/belay/tag) line. After a dozen resets, I was hanging like a rag doll up above the hole.