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    Default Volunteer Duty Schedule

    Is anybody doing some kind of volunteer duty schedule and providing some kind of reimbursement to its members. I am trying to put something together to help increase some staffing on the weekdays during business hours.
    Any feedback / ideas would be great

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    I believe that would be part time paid, not volunteer.

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    We do something kind of along those lines. (background....volunteer FD in Northern wisconsin, vast majority of our structures are vacation homes, so our population skyrockets on weekends).

    From 0600 Friday until 1800 Sunday we have three "on call" members. These members are compensated $3 dollars per hour. In return, they must stay within 3 miles of the station....if they live outside these 3 miles, they must stay at the station. If there's a call, they're obligated to go. Obviously any other members that can respond will, but with this system we KNOW we can get the first piece out within about 3 minutes.

    Scheduling is broken down into 12 hour shifts....and at the beginning of every month, members turn in a sheet for the NEXT month saying which weekends/shifts they'd be available, then the Administrative Assistant Chief does the scheduling. There isn't an extremely strict "protocol" to the scheduling, but every shift has at least 1 Driver/Operator, 1 Officer (a senior FF can be an acting officer for the shift if no actual officer was available for that shift), and a backstep FF. One of the three must be an EMT. We don't run EMS but we do get a good number of MVAs so having an EMT is valuable...and about 50% of our department are EMTs so that's not a huge issue.

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