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    Default Mickel/Begg Leadership and Safety Symposium

    The Osceola County Professional Firefighters IAFF Local #3284 and Central Florida FOOLS present the Mickel/Begg Leadership and Safety Symposium.

    This symposium is being held in the honor of Lt. John Mickel and FF Dallas Begg. May we never forget their sacrifice and by remembering them through this symposium, may we ensure "Everyone Goes Home".

    Please Register for this symposium online @ https://adobeformscentral.com/?f=ZvFMVty3EyVaY4JEf0ZnJA

    {Edit, I can't attach the flyer, so download it here. http://www.iafflocal3284.org/items/M...yer%202012.pdf
    Jimm Walsh will be lecturing on, what else, Truck Co ops, Rick Lasky (the guy from the banner on here) will be talking about Pride and Ownership, and the conference will be finished up by Mac McGarry with Elkhart Brass, and Chief Lighthill from BCFR lecturing about high rise firefighting. Good 3 days of learning!}

    I will be there for the first and last days, plus the social gathering. I look forward to meeting anyone from here who decides to go. RFB
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