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    Default Charging a hose line with nozzle unattended

    We respond with a two person engine in a small fire district. Driver is engineer passenger on hose.

    Our SOP calls for the hose person to lay the 1.5" from a 2.5" y and close the nozzle. The hose person is then to put down the nozzle and go to the 2.5" y and charge the 1.5" line. The engineer would have charged the 2.5" line by this time. This means that the nozzle is unattended when being charged.

    I have seen hoses extend in length and twist on charging. If the bail of the nozzle should turn down into a rocky area, of which we have plenty, then the nozzle could open from the movement of the charging line. This would result in a wild hose situation.

    I am trying to change our SOP to have the engineer open the 2.5" y and charge the 1.5 line while the hose person is in control of the nozzle. I could use my fellow firefighters input to aid in this change if the majority of your input is in favor.

    If I am all wet on this subject, your input will still be appreciated.

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    So your nozzle man is stretching 2 1/2" line by himself and then stretching a 1 3/4" line by himself from that....while the Engineer is waiting for him to finish all that?
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    Two ball valves to open, twice the chance for water hammer. And wyes have shorter handles than apparatus valves, so it's even easier to hammer off a wye than off the truck because you have less control. Why not go ahead and open the wye before flaking out the 1 3/4"? It's not much of a risk, but it's a good excuse.

    With your current practice, you could avoid a wild hose situation by remaining at the wye until the hose stops moving, then returning to the nozzle.
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    Um, why don't you have preconnected hoselines? One guy can pull 250' of triple load very easily and be on the nozzle. That line can easily be charged in 20-30 seconds from the time the truck is put into pump gear. Seems like you're working too hard.
    A hose will almost always move in the direction of the nozzle when charged, making the chances of the bale being opened likely.

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    Thank you for your input. We will do a little work on that SOP

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