Hi! My name is Ciro, I'm from Barcelona, Spain. I have 16 years old, and no, I'm not a firefighter... yet!
I am doing a research project for my senior year in the high school, and I'm interested in firefighters and their work.
I'm interested in this kind of information:

- Vital Statistics of the 2011, for example, the number of the total incidents, the different types of incidents there are, the highlights, numbers of civilian saved or rescued...
- The type of staff in your department.
- The kind of material and vehicles that are used in the different operations.
- Some other interesting things about your department.

If someone could help me, specially a firefighter from Africa or Oceania, i would be very very grateful. My intention is to publish a photographic book about all the information 'm collecting, so I will be happy to receive good photos, too!

Many thanks! :)