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Thread: Motorola training and education grant.

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    Just to reiterate the point of this thread, which seems to have been lost somewhere along the way, the Motorola grant ( ) is open to those that are listed as eligible. This includes many public safety entities and organizations who support those agencies and the work that they do. The deadline for applications is August 7th. Good luck to all.
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    VFDs contracted to provide services are not government entities, after all remember there are for-profit FDs and EMS providers around and they are contracted and not part of the government by any stretch of the imagination. Municipal departments using the tax IDs of their parent municipalities are of course part of said government. In that case there can be supporting 501c3's applying on their behalf as long as the relationship is fully explained. I know of several unions that have applied to non-federal programs on behalf of the department when the cities wouldn't. Since they were funded, obviously no conflicts. But like I said the relationship between the organizations had to be explained fully. Ownership and reporting stayed with the applicant for reporting purposes.

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    I am neither a lawyer nor tax expert. I am an officer in a 501c3 organization and helped with the filing of our letter of determination from the IRS. Some observations.
    With a 501c3 organization there is to be NO WAY for a member or officer of the organization to financially benefit from charitable gifts given to the organization. (There can be reasonable salaries paid.) We had to change our bylaws to spell out what would be done with the assets of the FD if it were to close down so that the individual members would not benefit from grants we were given. Within the last few years the amount of information which must be supplied by a 501c3 organization annually on our tax return to the IRS has been substantially increased in order to keep our tax exempt status. Our tax return must be available for public inspection during regular business hours. Our tax return winds up on several internet web sites. My understanding is that individuals, corporations, and foundations may donate or grant to anyone they wish, but determination by the IRS of an organizations 501c3 status requires the IRS to recognize that donation as tax exempt, other donations may or may not be considered tax deductible by the IRS. This is especially true of a 501c3 foundation giving grants.
    Please DO NOT READ anything into what I have said about members benefiting. I am not saying FD members benefit from donations, only that with a 501c3 it must be stated, reportable on the annual tax return, and auditable.
    Keep in mind the complicated tax code is written for all taxpayers. There are many people and organizations (not public service agencies) that try to defraud the government every day! Anyone can call themselves a charity or say they are tax exempt. A 501c3 must prove to the IRS they operate for a charitable purpose and appear on their tax return that they continue to do so.
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