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    I have an interview coming up and on the email it's says following your interview you will participate in a brief knowledge assessment exercise.

    I have no idea what this means any ideas on what it will consist of and how I can prepare?

    Thanks in advanced

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    sounds like simple scenarios

    does it say verbal or watch a video clip and respond??

    something like you see a fellow firefighter back the truck into a post and break the light lens, what would you do??

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    It doesnt say verbal or video just that after the interview I'll participate in a breif knowledge assesment excercise at the fire station.

    Thanks for the reply

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    I have seen a tool identification station following an interview. In this exercise, a series of fire related tools were laid out on a table and the candidate was expected to properly identufy them and there use. A second table had non fire related tools. Candidates who were able to identify these were scored even higher.
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