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Thread: A hero recognized..

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    Default A hero recognized..

    From the Boston Fire Department's Facebook page....

    On August 7, 2011, at 1841 hours, Box 2152 was struck for 8 Fenno St., District 9. The first arriving companies found a kitchen fire in an attached townhouse style home. When the crew of Ladder Company 4 entered the building they found off-duty FF Kevin Bailey of Engine Company 5, in the act of extinguishing the fire with a garden hose. FF Bailey’s quick action undoubtedly saved the home from severe damage, as the stove and cabinets were already involved in fire. FF Bailey performed these actions without the benefit of any personal protective equipment. What makes FF Bailey’s decision to help even more notable is the fact that he did not have use of his left arm. Due to a line of duty injury, FF Bailey had recent surgery on his left arm. He was hampered by pain and a cumbersome brace at the time of the fire.
    A tip of the leather for a job well done... and done while on injury leave and recuperating from surgery!

    By the way.. FF Bailey was recognized with a Distinguished Service Award by the BFD.
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    I demand that he be severely reprimanded IMMEDIATELY!
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    Good job!!
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