I'm an aspiring firefighter and I feel like I'm getting close to getting on somewhere soon. I'm an emtb, got some ambulance experience, got some volunteer experience, some fire classes under my belt, I'll be taking my FF1 this fall and tactics 1 and 2, then starting in the spring just start tackling my pacamedic classes. I can pass the cpat no prob. The few written test I've taken I've scored an 89 for okc and at eoc a 92, so I'm not too worried I'm never not going to get on.

My question is, what's the pay at different dept, like starting pay, different rules of incentives, how much pay in incentives, overtime pay. Yearly raises, things like that. I'll have a second job but just with fire fighting, how much money is in it? I know we aren't doctors or anything, and I'm not getting into for the money. But I do need to know if I'll be able to support a family. So can just tell me how your dept works. And which dept ? Thanks