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    Default Quick question from someone on the out side looking in.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ColoradoDave View Post

    I saw that a couple departments around me received SAFER grants for hiring. I had 2 questions, is there a list of who has accepted them? Also what is the time line for using the money, I was told by a FF I know that they must have people on payroll within 90 days to use the grant? Is this true?

    Thank you for your help,

    The AFG only publishes the awards for each round. There is no list available showing which departments accept or reject the actual award.

    From the PG:

    Hiring of Firefighters Category

    A recruitment period of 90 days, which begins when the application is approved for award, is available for all grantees under the Hiring of Firefighters Category regardless of whether the grant is for hiring new firefighters or for the rehiring of firefighters activity.

    The two year period of performance starts after the 90-day recruitment period, regardless of whether the grantee has been able to hire the requested firefighters.

    However, if a grantee is able to rehire and/or hire their SAFER-funded firefighters during the 90-day recruitment period, the period of performance may begin at that time. For grantees awarded under the retention category, the period of performance can begin immediately.

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