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Thread: "Chicago Fire" on NBC

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    My wife watched the premier of the second season so I suffered through it.

    Safe to say it is every bit as stupid as last season and does nothing to bolster the public image of firefighters.
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    I don't know what you guys are talking about. All that stuff happened to my shift just last set! Now we gotta get a new cot for the bus and I need to lay low because an arsonist is after me. Going car shopping this weekend in fact.

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    Whats get me is, they are dispatched on a box alarm of fire. Arrive and smoke and fire showing from one structure with extension to the one next to it. You look at the street and there is a pumper, rescue company, truck company the medic and BC. NO ONE ELSE!! I know something about Chicago and other large cites protocols on dispatching on Box Alarms.

    Also you still some active fire and smoke and the guys are taking up.

    I know it is TV and for the most part it is OK. But for the other part is is totally BS!
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